Denisse l’s Nature’s Classroom Stubstory

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Nature’s Classroom

by Denisse l / 23454

Room 223 – Miss Smolewski

Have you ever bean to school in the forest? If you don`t know what it is, then go to Nature`s Classroom. You will meet unusual counselors, you will go hiking in the woods, and finally, you will take classes that can fun and gross at the same time. Overall, your day at Nature’s Classroom will be amazing!

When I got to Nature’s Classroom, the first thing we did was meet all the counselors. They all had funny names. The first one was named Woodchuck. She is the leader, and everyone was laughing because of her name. And then I met the second person, LO. She was so funny, nice, and fun. She said she loves nature. The third person I met was Katlin, who had her hair short. We started playing games, like trying to touch each other’s legs. It was an exercise to get us ready for the woods. The games were weird, but hiking was fun.

The second thing I did at Nature`s Classroom was going hiking in the woods. LO was the counselor who took us. The first thing we did was go into the woods, and when I was walking with my group we saw a frog hiding in the flowers. It scared everyone! Then we saw so many different flowers, and they looked so pretty. I took pictures of everything, we were so happy. I was glad that Lo was my guide, to show me and my other friends all the sights and sounds in nature. Hiking was exciting but so were the classes we got to take.

The last thing we did at Nature’s Classroom was choose classes to take. I picked Sound Walk, and it was with Katlin. She said we were going back in the woods. When we got there we each ate a Russian berry, and it was dry but it tasted so good. We put our hands in the back of our ears, in front of our ears, and then we covered our ears so we could try hearing from far away and different places. We heard the wind. Then we went to the beaver pond, and it was so cool. We saw a beaver dam, broken trees, and sticks in the lake. Then we left to back. It was interesting.

The trip to Nature’s Classroom was so awesome. I wish I could go there again. I wanted to eat more Russian berries, all the counselors were fun, nice, and funny, and the classes were not like what I get to do every day. I hope you decide to visit Nature’s Classroom and have a good time just like I did.


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