Nature’s Classroom by Madeline S

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Nature’s Classroom

by Madeline S / 27

Room 223 – Miss Smolewski

Have you ever wanted to explore nature all day? Or eat a type of fruit you’ve never eaten before, have transition time four times a day, or dissect a rat? Well, Nature’s Classroom is just the place for you because you get to be in nature all day.

naturesclassroom_poolWhen we arrived to Natures Classroom we went hiking. Our counselor Caitlyn showed us a type of red berries, and we ate one. At first it was sour, then it wasn’t. I saw a snake patch. The colors of the snakes were orange, red, and a little black. When we were done we hiked back up to the cabins. There we played a game called Steal the Water Bottle. First to play you have to try to run to grab the counselor’s water bottle but when she turns around you have to hide it. Then she guesses who had it. Even though hiking was really fun so was transition time.

The choices of transition time were volleyball, soccer, basketball, gaga ball, pit and the rope bridge. Each one of them had a place. Soccer was on the grass, volleyball was on the sand, and so was the gaga ball pit and the basketball was on the black top. I played volleyball, and it was really fun. Playing with friends was so fun but so were classes.

The classes at Nature’s Classroom aren’t what we usually get at my school. My first class was rat dissection. In rat dissection we cut the rat in half, and we saw the lungs and the heart. It was disturbing. There was a smell to the rat. It smelled like chemicals. My next class was building the rope bridge. To build it you have to grab the thickest rope and wrap it around the trunk of the tree and then wrap another rope on top of it. When we finished building the rope bridge there was spotters everywhere in case you fall. We built the rope bridge so that we could play with it when we finished.

In conclusion, go to Nature’s Classroom. whether you’re dissecting a rat, hanging out with friends, or building a rope bridge, you’ll have a great time. It’s the best place you can be.


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