Nature’s Classroom by Pierce C

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Nature’s Classroom

by Pierce C / Pierce The Guy

Room 223 – Miss Smolewski

Nature’s Classroom was an awesome field trip. I had cool classes like brain dissection, delicious food and I played awesome games with my friends like evolution. Nature’s Classroom was the best ever.

My classes at Nature’s Classroom were the best. In my classes we dissected a sheep’s brain and then we dissected a sheep’s eye and then we saw and learned about parts of the brain and eye. We learned about parts of the brain and eye like the frontal lobe and the lens. We also made plays about the woods. Mine was about me finding a werewolf, climbing up a rainbow tree to get away from the wolf and finding a unicorn named Dave and flying away while looking at the werewolf transform into a human. My friend’s plays were cool, too. In one I was an abusive dog owner and in another I was from the future.

naturesclassroom_zbowdrillnaturesclassroom_gartersnakeNaturesClassroom_DiIn Nature’s Classroom the food was delicious. We had chicken patties with chips and veggies. During dinner we had ravioli with garlic bread. Every time I drank two cups of water I got juice or milk. I drank eight cups of water, one cup of lemonade, one cup of apple juice and two cups of milk. We also had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but I didn’t eat any. We learned that we had ort which is when we throw away our wasted food and sang the ort song which sounds like this: “Oh-ah the ort report, I said oh-ah ort report shaky, shaky, shaky. Oh-ah the ort report, I said oh-ah ort report, jazz hands.”

During the beginning of Nature’s Classroom we played fun games. The first game we played was called Are You Russian. In the game someone would be chosen to go in the middle of a circle and everybody in the circle would yell, “Are you Russian?” If the person in the middle said yes, you’d have to run to a new spot in the circle. If they said no, then everyone would ask, “Then who is?” Then the person in the middle would say a specific thing like “People with blue shirts” so everybody with a blue shirt would have go to a new spot. Last person to get to a new spot is in the middle. The next game was called Evolution. In Evolution everybody would start off as an egg. Then the eggs would have to play rock paper scissors with another egg and the person who wins becomes a dinosaur. Then you become a chicken, next a unicorn, then you become a ninja and last you become a Nature’s Classroom teacher. The third game is called Knee Tag. In Knee Tag everybody is it and you have to tag people’s knees. But if you hold your knees people can’t tag you but you also can’t move. If you tag someone you have to hold your hands up until someone tags your hands. The last game is called R2-D2 Capture. In R2-D2 Capture someone is chosen to be in the middle and they have to protect R2-D2. The Nature’s Classroom teachers tag people on the back and if you get tagged you have to try and get R2-D2. If you get R2-D2 you have to protect R2-D2.

And that is why I love the games, meal time, and classes at Nature’s Classroom because of the awesome games like Knee-Tag, the delicious food, and the great classes like brain dissection.


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