Nayana’s day at Nature’s Classroom

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Nature’s Classroom

by Nayana E / 2010

Room 223 – Miss Smolewski

Nature’s Classroom is excellent for a field trip. You can play outside with friends during transition time. You can go hiking in a field group. Finally, you can take an unusual class like Rat Dissection. You will enjoy Nature’s Classroom a lot.
Nature’s Classroom has transition time , which is like recess but you are playing sports. Nature’s Classroom had volleyball, soccer, basketball, and gaga ball. Some kids made up their own games and started playing with a small group of kids. I played volleyball, which I knew how to play, but I didn’t play it a lot. I played it whenever we went for transition time. At volleyball there was a girl team and a boy team. The boy team got tired of the girl team winning so they decided to kick the volleyball. Transition time was very loud because everybody was screaming or talking. I was screaming also during volleyball, but I don’t know why I was screaming.
naturesclassroom_gartersnakeMy field group counselor Megan had us choose classes. My first class was H2O Rockets and my second class was low Rope Course. In H2O Rockets we built rockets out of Pepsi bottles and cardboard pieces. We started launching our rockets, and they went super high. My second class was a low rope course. It was fun since we had to balance on a whale watch board. It took so long because everybody was talking at the same time. I liked how creative Elevator Pete was at H2O Rocket because he used his own materials , except the launch pad. The most challenging part was doing the low rope course. We had to put everybody on the whale watch board and not let it touch the ground.
My field group counselor was Meagan. She was very creative. She taught us everything we could know for nature. I took so many pictures. The funniest picture was when Tim got burrs all over his pants and shoes. While hiking, my field group and I saw so many chipmunks. I was so scared when I saw a garden snake , I held onto my friend. At the end we saw a berry bush. The berries were so sour I didn’t eat the rest of the one I tried.
You should go to Nature’s Classroom because it is a fun and environmental place for a class to go for a field trip. You can play games, take classes, and go in field groups at Nature’s Classroom. Teachers, I have a big tip for you. Take your classes to Nature’s Classroom!!



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