Best field trip ever by Andrea S

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Best field trip ever

by Andrea S / GREEN

Room 222 – Mr. Shoztic

Do you know that nature is very interesting? I learned a lot at Nature’s Classroom. When you’re there you get to eat, play, and do fun activities. Nature’s Classroom is a blast. There are some many things you can do in Nature’s Classroom.

To begin with did you know Nature’s Classroom serves food? These are thing I like about the food. One person goes to the kitchen to get lunch or dinner. Also the teacher gives you a number and whatever number you get you sit there. You also get to pick what you want on your plate. You can also get milk, juice or water. In our school you get milk but if you naturesclassroom_zbowdrillhave money you can get juice. Now you can see that Nature’s Classroom is the best at making food.

Next do you want to know the funniest activity in Natures classroom? It’s free time. Free time is so awesome. In free time you can hang out with your friends and you can also play volleyball, basketball and gaga. Free time combined with all of the activities in Nature’s Classroom is awesome. Another reason I like free time is there are four free times in a day, in my school there is only one recess. but if you’re really good you get double recess if you like free time you might like the field groups.

Finally, it’s the field groups. Field groups are so cool because you can make a foam roller coaster, walk in the woods or see animal’s organs build a bridge and more. Also you get to pick what you want to do. Field groups were one of my NaturesClassroom_Difavorite things in Nature’s Classroom. Nature’s Classroom was very interesting it’s almost time for me to go.
In Conclusion I loved Nature’s Classroom. I had a great time at Nature’s Classroom because of the free time, field groups and the food. Nature’s Classroom was very awesome.


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