The Best Field Trip Ever

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The Best Feild Trip Ever

by Kimberly B / kboss

Room 222 – Mr. Shoztic

Going to Natures Classroom was amazing, from building bridges and playing games, it was the best field trip ever!

First things first, walking in the woods was so beautiful.

We learned about many things. Such as which berries are not poisonous. Then we got to eat some. We also got to look at the different trees, like birch or spruce. When we got to the end of the trail, we saw the Beaver Pond. It was very muddy, but I’m thankful I didn’t get dirty. After we started walking back, as great the walk was I couldn’t wait to do the next activity.

naturesclassroom_poolNext, we got back to find our groups for the activity. I was doing the activity where you build an arch bridge. We first had to get the materials. We used big , huge blocks made out of foam. We carried them to the spot where we were going to build it. Then we had to get ladders for us to get on the bridge that we were building. We had to build the bridge in between the ladders. Once we were done, we got to walk across it two times. Next, we had to start cleaning up and we walked back to the building. I loved building the bridge but I couldn’t wait to get some food in my stomach.

After, we had to go to lunch. The food was amazing, and I loved how the cafeteria was designed. There was salad bar and a drink bar. We also got to clean our dishes utensils, which is different than Westover. After lunch we got to play. There was a volley ball net, a basketball court, and a gaga pit that I played in sometimes. I mostly spent my time teaching people how to play volley ball, but a lot of people would just play however they thought was right. Anyway it was nice that we got free time to play. But sometimes I really got tired, so I sat down on the grass and watch people play. I really liked that we had time to relax on this field trip!

In conclusion, it was a long bus ride home but it felt like it was ten minutes when I was talking to my friends and playing games. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get in my bed and dream about being at Natures Classroom again.



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