Meagan’s Nature’s Classroom Adventure

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Nature’s Classroom

by Meagan A / Irish Dancer Meagan

Room 222 – Mr. Shoztic

Nature’s Classroom was a blast! We went to the site in Litchfield, CT. The bus ride up, the free time, and the field groups are all reasons why I loved it.

We rode in a school bus up and back to Nature’s Classroom. The ride took 1 and ½ hours. My friends Laurel, Charleen, and I fell asleep on each other. My head fell on Charleen’s shoulder, Laurel’s head fell on Charleen’s other shoulder, and then Charleen’s head fell on mine. We were like three puppies cuddling on top of each other. When we all woke up we played card games. We played games like Spoons and Go fish. It was hard to play because the bus bumped up and down. We not only had fun on the bus but we also had a lot of fun during transition time.

My friends and I had great fun during transition time. We played lots of games. We played ga-ga ball. Where you can’t let the ball touch you from the waist under. We also played volley ball. It was so much fun. We all so sat around when we were bored. We also walked around throughnaturesclassroom_pool another game of volley-ball and basketball games. We had 5 transition times in between EVERYTHING.

Lastly, we had the Field groups. It was so much fun at Nature’s Classroom. First, we went hiking. We went down this huge trail. Then at the end of the trail we came to this meadow where there was a big patch of woods. Then our counselor Megan told us to go through the woods to find the blue marks on the trees to help peoples way back out towards the meadow. We also rolled down hills. We had races to see who could roll down this huge hill the fastest. Then we found this wild berry bush. Inside the berries were these little squishy like eye ball things. We also ran through wheat fields. Ounce we ran to the back of the wheat field Megan called us back to the start of the wheat field because we were surrounded by trees. Nature’s Classroom was a really fun naturesclassroom_zbowdrilltrip I hope you would like it too.



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