Nature’s Classroom by Luis L

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Nature’s Classroom

by Luis L / LL

Room 222 – Mr. Shoztic

The things I like about Nature’s Classroom is the ride, free time and the classes they taught me as well.

First, when we got to the bus I was excited to go to Nature’s Classroom. The bus was nosey and too loud I couldn’t even talk to my friends. It took us about one hour and thirty five minutes to get there it was a long trip. When we got off the high way the city was amazing! When I got to Nature’s Classroom it was pretty I thought it was going to be boring. It was fun we made a circle and played three different games! The way back to school it was long and dark when we got back. I missed my mom, dad and some of friends too. Not only was the ride great, but the classes I took they were also fun!

naturesclassroom_poolNext, I picked a class I wanted to build, learn and play. My first pick was Ark Bridge my second pick was catapult. For my fist pick, I picked what I wanted but in my second pick I wanted to do a team but it is ok I like the class catapult too. We were building it was fun. As we crossed it was scary since we used cardboard to build it. If you want to cross over it with your feet or crawling .When I was building the catapult it was exciting and hard I tried three times but it was hard. The catapult flung the ping pong ball flung four or five inches. At the end of all the classes I missed all the fun but I loved it there I might go there again. I remember all the fun of free time.

Finally, When it was free time we had nothing to do and then after we found some balls. I played soccer it was awesome we won the first time. After we play soccer again and again .It was fun almost all my friend played soccer together. We had like four free times’ after each class one game was 3-2 we lost after it was 4-5 we won so it was a fair game. I looked at the other field and they scored on us that is how we lost the second game. Free time is actually called transition time. I learned a new trick at soccer it is called the under kick. I tried it at home too.

In conclusion, all the fun and excitement of the classes, free time and the ride is what made Natures Classroom the best field trip ever!

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