Nature’s Classroom – best place in the world by Peter P.

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Nature’s Classroom

by Peter P. / Norwegian P

Room 222 – Mr. Shoztic

Do you know what the best place in the world is? Natures Classroom!!! You will be shocked at what I There. First there was so much excitement in field groups, it was great how I got to spend time with my friends and the games we played there are amazing.

First I went on a hike , on the hike I saw a worm called a night crawler. I picked it up and it pooped on me. Also I ate a berry called a autumn olive. The counselor said that it was ok to eat It is kind of bitter but good at the same time. Another thing I saw was a swamp with burnt trees in it. The final thing is that I saw a cemetery with the owners of Natures classroom before the people who work there now.

Next I spent time with my friends to while I was there. You already heard all about the hike, but I was with a lot of them there. I went into the woods with them. We saw some interesting stuff to (we saw herbs that can heal burns, and cuts and naturesclassroom_poolwounds.) I got to eat lunch with my friends also I ate dinner with Goerge, Atzin, Katerina, Chikya, and Malon. I got to play games with them . I got to sit near my friends on the bus ride. We talked a lot as well. As good as the food was the bus ride was even better.

Finally I played a lot of games. I played a game called are you Russian? How you play is one person is in the middle and if they’re Russian everyone moves to a new spot. If they aren’t Russian they would say a color like people who are wearing blue and if you are wearing that color you move to a different spot. Another game I played is evolution that is when you go through the evolutions of life. You start off as a egg , then a velociraptor , after that a chicken , then a unicorn , ninja, and after that a detective. After you beat two counselors you become a tree of essence. Also we played a game called Gaga. naturesclassroom_newtGaga is when you get into a pit with a ball. You cant let the ball hit your hands or your shins or else you are out. The last game I played there was capture my water bottle. One person turns around with the water bottle behind them if someone takes it they have to figure out who. I f you get back to where you started with the water bottle in your hand you win.

In conclusion natures classroom is the best because I got to play fun games, I got to hang out with my friends, and I got to talk with my friends on the bus ride there and back. I think natures classroom is the best field trip by far.


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