Every Ticket Tells a Story

Stubstorykids.org is a totally unique, interactive, multimedia reading and writing experience for students of all ages. A custom learning experience for every student.

Fun for students and simple for teachers, Stubstorykids.org takes the essay to the next level by bringing the stories online. In the process, students apply skills they’ve been taught in new ways, learn new skills and are rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing their work online.

Just find your ticket stub from any event and share your story with us. Make your memories last forever and have fun doing it by posting it on the Web for your friends and family to share. Stubstorykids is easy learning at it’s finest.

Stubstory enriches the modern writing experience
• Syncs with Common Core Goals
• Safe online student experience
• Great as Individual or Group Exercise (ELL)
• Fun Contests and Writing Competitions
• Introduces concepts of Digital Citizenship

Our philosophy……All you need is a stub and a story.