This Bogus Ticket Still Got Us In!

Feb 08, 2012 No Comments by

by Stefan C. The morning of November 6th 2010 i went in to the city to work at my dads friends chocolate shop to make some extra money because i was planning on going to a concert later that i didn’t have tickets to. All day i was calling up craigslist ads trying to get […]

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A Trip to the Central Park Zoo

Aug 21, 2011 No Comments by

By Charly P. I went with Gram Cracker, by Gram Cracker I mean one of my Grandmas. I was going to Central Park, I place I’d never been. And then there was a Zoo Path. And we went thru, So… I saw a polar bear, I saw a peacock, I saw a really cool type […]

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Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Jul 27, 2011 No Comments

by Charly P. When we were not at the beach anymore, we went on some rides and played a few games at the carnival! At first we had to wait for the train to go by, who puts a train at the beach anyways? Then I got to ride on the Dizzy Dragons – with […]

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Got my Chuck E. Cheese on!

Jul 22, 2011 1 Comment

by Charly P. Chuck E. Cheese was fun. I played a lot of games, I got a lot of prizes. One of them was edible. It was a lolipop – a big long swirly – I call it “The Swirl”. I went with my 3 cousins, one of them is annoying but I can’t say […]

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O-La-Mi at the Beardsley Zoo!

Jul 07, 2011 1 Comment

by Charly P. When we got on the bus the ride was so long to get there it felt like it was 2000 years, but finally we got there. For real I said “Hallelujah” I really did when we got there. We had lunch right away but unfortunately I couldn’t eat my yogurt because it […]

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871 Tickets!

Apr 23, 2011 No Comments

by Charly P. Well when I was a kid (I am a kid though) I went to My Three Sons, they had ALLLLL different games, it was so fun. There’s a big wheel that you pull and if you get 1-5-0 then you get a big prize. If you get 7-5 then you go one […]

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